Japanese windsock, Haiku theme, home design
  • Japanese windsock, Haiku theme, gift for kids
  • Koinobroi Madame Mo Haiku theme, gift for kids
  • Japanese windsock, Haiku theme, home design
  • Japanese koinobori, Haiku theme, gift for kids

Koinobori Haiku Dew

''露とくとく (tsuyu toku toku)

試みに浮世 (kokoromi ni ukiyo)

すすがばや (susugaba ya) ''

''Drop by drop dew

Could I wash there

The dust of this world.''

Matsuo Bashō

Do you know how to say drop in Japanese? Poro Poro (ぽろぽろ). Isn't it cute? And the onomatopoeia of the sound of falling drops is called toku toku (得々). These drops are precisely taken up in the resolutely graphic aesthetics of our koinobori Dew to integrate this melancholic haiku. Unique fact, one side is in French and the other in Japanese! 

More about the koinobori

The koinobori, carp-shaped windsock, is a mythical object in Japan: it is the gift that we offer to little boys, and more and more to little girls, at the children's party (Kodomo No Hi) May 5th.

Koinobori, an ethical and organic gift idea

This koi carp, made of organic cotton, is very popular among lovers of Japan. It represents a colourful and joyful nod to Japanese design. Madame Mo windsock is a wonderful ethical and chic birth gift, a stylish Japanese-inspired gift for all those, young and old, who love to decorate their world in a unique way.

Madame Mo and her poetic world, highly appreciated with Japanese

By making koinobori the only playground of her creativity, Madame Mo offers a real invitation to discover Japan, its culture and traditions. As incredible as it may seem, the Japanese love koinobori Madame Mo! Our carpstreamers play with strict Japanese codes, revisit the Japanese tradition in a modern way, and this gives birth to original, elegant and unique Koi carps. Every year, concept stores as selective as Isetan or Takashimaya do us a honor by selecting and exhibiting Madame Mo koinobori!

SIZE S - 70cm x 26.4cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°

€36.00 Tax included

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