The revered traditions of Japan are a true source of wonder and fascination. In choosing to create only koinobori, Madame Mo has decided to pay tribute to one of Japan's most joyous and beloved traditions: Kodomo no hi, Children's Day.

This tradition was born of a Chinese legend which says that each year, at the third moon in the lunar calendar, during peach blossom season when the Yellow River begins to thaw, the carp would begin their upstream journey from the East China Sea to Longmen, the 'Dragon's Gate'. Here, the Celestial Emperor organised a contest among the carp gathered at the foot of the mighty waterfall, whereby those that succeeded in passing through the gate were transformed into dragons, and those that failed had to return to the sea and try again the following year.

This legend is the origin of Japanese koinobori, the koi carp-shaped windsocks that can be seen billowing in the air on Children's Day, May 5th. Through this symbolic object, parents encourage their children to be strong and valorous, and wish them lifelong happiness, prosperity, joy and good health.

To prolong the magic of this special day, Madame Mo has been creating organic cotton koinobori for almost ten years. Revisited in their traditional appearance, Madame Mo koinobori magnify everyday life with their cheerful presence. In the West, they have also become a popular symbol of good luck for newborn babies!


The koi carp deploys its majestic swimming in the pure waters of the ornamental ponds. We admire it peacefully, breathing the pure air that surrounds us. For the purity of air and water to remain, Madame Mo also endorses her costume in hummingbird feathers.To make its koinobori, she has naturally chosen a material that is respectful of both nature and people: organic cotton.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of insecticides or pesticides, using natural compost.
It requires half as much water to produce, as without the spreading of chemical products, far less water is needed for the crops.

Rotation of the cotton crops oxygenates and helps preserve the soil and breaks disease cycles.

All Madame Mo koinobori are GOTS certified ((Global Organic Textile Standard, certificate delivered by Ecocert Greenlife, license no. 215405), meaning they meet a standard of environmental and social criteria for the textile industry. From the organic farmers cooperative to the spinning, weaving and sewing phases, every link in the chain is audited at least once a year by the independent organisations ECOCERT and CONTROL UNION.



Diverted from their traditional origin for an everyday use, Madame Mo koinobori  bring a unique decorative touch in the houses.

Their calm presence evokes the one of koi carp in the Japanese ponds. Colorful or more discreet, they give beauty and serenity to the interiors, an echo to the time that passes, slowly, aesthetically, the same as the swimming of these koi carps.

A decoration that soothes and pays homage to Japan where the appreciation of simple things, sensitivity to shapes and colours and innate sense of natural elegance are celebrated each day.

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