Kokeshi Lady Kokoro

Decorated with golden dots, the Lady Kokoro kokeshi is a Japanese wooden doll, which shines discreetly, subtly. It is a decorative nugget from elsewhere: it was born in Sendai, Japan, from the hands of Noboru, a young master Kokeshi craftsman. In Japan, to offer a Kokeshi doll is to declare one's friendship and love. Just that! This Kokeshi echoes the Kokoro koinobori with a heart on it and the circle is complete!

The history of the Kokeshi

These beautiful wooden dolls that do not bend have been part of the Japanese handicraft landscape for over 150 years. They are given to children, but they also represent a unique decorative piece and even a fetish for all lovers of the land of the rising sun. Turned in wood that has dried for several years, they are then hand painted and varnished or waxed. They are all unique and when they are offered, we sometimes read that they are a token of friendship. All over the world, these little wooden dolls fascinate and are often found in large numbers among collectors! More on the magazine.

SIZE : SMALL - 15cm high


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