Blue Ume Koinobori (Mini)

The Blue Ume koinobori is the ideal gift to celebrate a birth. It brings brightness, poetry, and softness to a newborn's room. Wrapped in a beautiful, elegant envelope adorned with polka dots, the Blue Ume (mini) koinobori is a unique and meaningful gift. According to Japanese tradition, giving a Koi carp to a child represents courage, bravery, and joy to embrace the challenges of life. Additionally, its main motif, the plum blossom (Ume), symbolizes beauty, joy, and hope. Don't hesitate, get this Koi carp windsock for an upcoming birth!

Blue Ume is part of the Shôchikubaï Family, also known as the Three Friends Family. It features respectively, the pine tree pattern (Matsu), symbol of tenacity and longevity, the bamboo pattern (Chiku), symbol of strength and resilience, and the plum blossom pattern (Ume), symbol of joy and hope. The three plants referred to as "Shochikubai" are commonly associated with the Lunar New Year. Together, they possess the necessary characteristics to withstand winter and adversity, and to greet spring in optimal conditions.

SIZE MINI - 45cm x 17cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°

€29.50 Tax included

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