Koinobori Kimono Girl (S)

This koi carp brings joy, light and poetry to your home. It combines warm colors like red, ochre, gold ... a real treat for the eyes! This koinobori, a nod to the women's kimono, which can be seen during official ceremonies, brings a touch of sophistication to your interior: in a bedroom, a living room, a library, it will find its place quite naturally. Did you know that wearing a kimono is an art in Japan, it is even called Kitsuke. Each ceremony has its kimono, its colors, its codes.

More about the koinobori

The koinobori, carp-shaped windsock, is a mythical object in Japan: it is the gift that we offer to little boys, and more and more to little girls, at the children's party (Kodomo No Hi) May 5th.

Koinobori, an ethical and organic gift idea

This koi carp, made of organic cotton, is very popular among lovers of Japan. It represents a colourful and joyful nod to Japanese design. Madame Mo windsock is a wonderful ethical and chic birth gift, a stylish Japanese-inspired gift for all those, young and old, who love to decorate their world in a unique way.

SIZE S - 70cm x 26.4cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°


Download the 1000 and one ways to hang your koinobori!

€36.00 Tax included

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