Golden Koinobori (S)

Like a golden pistil crowned within the petals of an iris.
Madame Mo celebrates nature and its beauty! The Iris has strongly inspired Madame Mo for this Koinobori DORE. The iris is very present in Japan. This flower is associated with good news and is offered as part of a happy event! A small peculiarity: when a person offers this purple flower, the language of the flowers is very clear, it is the sign of a sentimental shock! Koinobori Golden blends elegantly with Koinobori Silver and Koinobori Plum.

Madame Mo and her poetic world, highly appreciated with Japanese

By making koinobori the only playground of her creativity, Madame Mo offers a real invitation to discover Japan, its culture and traditions. As incredible as it may seem, the Japanese love koinobori Madame Mo! Our carpstreamers play with strict Japanese codes, revisit the Japanese tradition in a modern way, and this gives birth to original, elegant and unique Koi carps. Every year, concept stores as selective as Isetan or Takashimaya do us a honor by selecting and exhibiting Madame Mo koinobori!

SIZE M - 100cm x 35cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°


Download the 1000 and one ways to hang your koinobori!

€43.00 Tax included

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