Tattoo Koi (M)

Do you know that this koinobori caused a lot of spilled ink when it was released? It is certainly the boldest of our creations, or, let's say, the most politically incorrect. Why? Because this windsock, with its specific indigo blue color, takes the codes of the tattoos of the famous Yakuza (Japanese mafia). This koinobori celebrates children while paying homage to the graphics of tattoos. In short, this koinobori offers a great departure from the traditional Japanese windsock that is hoisted in the wind on May 5th during Kodomo No Hi! Since always, the Tattoo Koi is a best seller in Europe, constantly in the top 3 sales, and ironically, it now seduces the Japanese thirsting for modernity in the celebration of tradition. We love it!

Koinobori, an ethical and organic gift idea

This koi carp, made of organic cotton, is very popular among lovers of Japan. It represents a colourful and joyful nod to Japanese design. Madame Mo windsock is a wonderful ethical and chic birth gift, a stylish Japanese-inspired gift for all those, young and old, who love to decorate their world in a unique way.

SIZE M - 100cm x 35cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°


Download the 1000 and one ways to hang your koinobori!

€43.00 Tax included

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