• Madame Mo Ocean Blue Koinobori, offered in Japan during Kodomo No Hi
  • Zoom on Madame Mo windsock Ocean Blue, made in organic textile

Ocean Blue Koinobori (S)

Here is the Ocean Blue koinobori happy as a fish in water. You like to decorate your home with touches of summer colors? Then you'll love the Ocean Blue with its intense blue and its little touch of energizing orange. Bright, this windsock will find its place in a seaside vacation home, as well as in a sleek downtown apartment. If you have friends who are crazy about blue, or friends who love Japan, friends who love ecological, exotic, unique decoration pieces, then no doubt, offer this koinobori with your eyes closed, you will make people happy!

More about the koinobori

The koinobori, carp-shaped windsock, is a mythical object in Japan: it is the gift that we offer to little boys, and more and more to little girls, at the children's party (Kodomo No Hi) May 5th.

SIZE S - 70cm x 26.4cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°

€35.00 Tax included

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