Koinobori Madame Mo gift for kids adults
  • Koinobori Madame Mo gift for kids adults
  • kite Madame Mo Koinobori gift for kids adults
  • carp shaped windsock, Koinobori Madame Mo gift for kids adults
  • carp shaped windsock, Koinobori poetic piece of decoration

Kintaro by Olivia de Bona (S)

Lucky charm ? Japanese inspired object ? Unique decorative piece ? The Kintaro Small koinobori is all of these at the same time! Far from the usual red, blue, green koinobori that we see blooming in Japan and elsewhere in Asia in May, the Kintaro is signed by the artist Olivia de Bona, which certainly gives it an extra unique soul! By revisiting the koinobori in a singular way, by associating artists, Madame Mo offers a cultural opening on Japan and a cultural opening on France for the Japanese!

It is the French artist Olivia de Bona who signed for Madame Mo a collection, called Kintarō and composed of three models: Mini, Small, Medium. Passionate about arts and crafts, with a fine and precise technical mastery, Olivia has been proposing, for more than 15 years, a strong artistic narrative, pertaining to the meeting of the tale and the intimate: nature, the animal, the dream, the nude, the woman, are so many recurring themes that allow her to structure her artistic mythology and to immerse herself in the representation of the material that is so dear to her.

For her collaboration with Madame Mo, Olivia de Bona has naturally wished to put into images a children's tale, and not just any tale: the famous Japanese tale Kintarō, which tells the story of the little 'golden boy' with superhuman strength, victorious fighter of fabulous enemies. Today, as for centuries, Kintarō can be found in all the arts, and his legend continues to inspire and fascinate filmmakers, mangaka and writers.

To explore Olivia de Bona's world and news, check out the instagram account : olivia_de_bona

SIZE SMALL - 70cm x 26,5cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°

€36.00 Tax included

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