Black Elegant Drawstringbag (X3)

Here is a drawstring bag made by upcycling the Black Elegant Koinobori. One of the main goals of this bag is to reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives. This bag is both aesthetic and ecological! Madame Mo loves Japan, art and ecology!

An aesthetic, useful and ecological gift to offer to your customers all year long ... without hesitation!

Since its creation, Madame Mo has adopted these small gestures into her daily life that help preserve the planet and the people. Our brand has chosen to make the koinobori in organically grown cotton and has been making them for 15 years now in an SA8000 certified production unit, where the working conditions are fair trade compliant. So what could be more natural for Madame Mo than to upcycle koinoboris to create useful bags to do the shopping or to pack all types of items.

Sold per batch of 3 bags

SIZE - 25x 20cm (height x width)
100% organic cotton
machine wash at 30 °

€25.20 Tax included

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